Entry #1

From WinglessStudios to Locust Eater

2013-02-27 15:32:46 by Locust-Eater

I can't say that many people remember my old account WinglessStudios but those of you that did know me:
I'm still the same musician
I love collabs
I'm unique and interesting with a wide range of influences
There IS a story for everything
I still use my dual panned beats that morph into one engaging beat
Though I may be less metal and more electronic now don't worry
I'll try and please you now and then!

And as for the newcomers:

PS: Anybody played Baldur's Gate 2 recently? Ripped out Yoshimo's heart last night. :3


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2013-04-25 01:52:14

I love your sounds man, I love the variety of genres you make, they each have their own personalities and styles!

P.S. Yoshimo was the ninja dude you found in Irenicus's lab in the beginning right? I always dumped him for the 1st 6th character I came across lol, didn't know you could rip his heart out haha

Locust-Eater responds:

Thankyou for the kind compliments!
And yes Yoshimo was like my best friend and then the fucking asshole betrayed me to Irenicus girbsgvidbolgndsjkvn killed him. Straight up.