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Mach Melder (Orignal Mix) Mach Melder (Orignal Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this track, very fast paced and kept me entertained XD
Umm god I'm having a difficult time being anything more than a praiser because your composing style so close to my latest albums.
So uhhhh screw it!
I love it! Beautiful track! almost a Nu-Techno track :D

Solfias responds:

Thank you :D, I know what you mean, I wanna try getting back into the mid 2000's techno genre again with hardstyle or hardcore or something awesome

Take Over Console (Cont.) Take Over Console (Cont.)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very hmmm "nowadays?" haha which is to be expected with us electronic artist
I absolutely adore the lead synths, ALL OF THEM O>O
This part of the song definitely makes you wanting more and more especially the vocals
Normally I go and praise and rip at the same time, enjoying the song and offering EQ and effects tips but with this song i've come up empty handed and happy!
My only thing I can think off would be louder bass and drums but aside from that a lovely track!

Solfias responds:

Thank you :D, I appreciate the review, and yea, I want louder drums and bass but I was too lazy to normalize and eq the rest of the sounds and didn't want to just bass boost when I posted this >.<

The Gate The Gate

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The track is good but not an ear catcher I'm afraid... I know you got onto me for being too loud but I'm going to get onto you for being to quiet XD haha not out of spite I promise!!
But the beat could use some panning and some thick bass in it. Right now the beat is there, it barely drives the song though the beat of it is catchy and carries the song it could do SO much more.
Your white noise use in the beat was fantastic! I've always had a thing for that and I've used white noise as a bassline or beat and a multitude if tracks.
The guitar has a GREAT sound but it just needed a bit more tweaking. It's there, I can hear it and the panning with it is great but it's just too for back in the background and hard to consider it truly there sometimes.
The main synth was well played and I loved it. All I can say is throw some decay and reverb on there!

A good song and I know you put it in the Ambient category but you did not compose this song as a ambient song (at least not in my opinion)
You do not have to take all my advice I'm not demanding anything lol
Just KEEP MAKING music!!

and consider my advice... XD

sonicandmariorulz responds:

Thanks for the review! All in all it's definitely fair. But all I was doing was remaking an old song of mine, which you can hear on YouTube here:

I was just trying to update the sounds. Personally I really like this style, and a lot of other people seem to like it, but I see where you're coming from.

Again, thanks for the review. :)